Congratulations to all Yard of the Year winners!

The Beautification Commission announced the winners of the 2015 Yards of the Year. Linda Missana, Commission member, recognized all winners and awarded gift cards and Yard of the Year signs to the First place homes. Along with residential properties, businesses and Churches were also nominated, in separate categories, and received recognition as well.  Congratulations and THANK YOU for your commitment to the beauty of this City.

First Place-630 Glen Eagles, 800 Oakwood, 826 Twelfth Street

Second Place-204 Brown, 1001 Oakwood, 1540 Glendale

Third Place-815 Waterloo, 505 Adams, 1401 Oakland

Businesses: First-Silk’s, Second-Coughlin Jewelers, Third-Snips

Church-First Congressional Church