Hanging Flower Basket Program

haning baskets

***********Hanging Flower Basket Program*************

This years marks the 14th year of St. Clair’s Hanging Flower Basket Program. The baskets have become one of St. Clair’s signature features, pictured on cards, websites and a variety of promotional materials. This year our goal is to display over 100 flower baskets along Riverside and the Palmer Park Boardwalk, as well as flower boxes on the bridge rails.

These are without doubt challenging times, and we ask that when you consider a donation to the Hanging Flower Basket Program, you keep in mind that funding for this projects comes almost totally from private donations. The cost of the basket plus maintenance is $60 this year, however, any contribution is greatly appreciated.

If you would like to donate to this project, please make your check payable to “St. Clair  Beautification” and note Hanging Baskets. You can drop off or mail your contribution to St. Clair Hanging Basket Program, 547 N. Carney Drive, St. Clair MI 48079.

If you would like to give a basket in honor or memory of a loved one, the Beautification Commission will acknowledge the donation to the person or family. Please indicate what type of occasion and to whom/where the acknowledgement should be sent.

Beautification Commission meetings are held the Second Tuesday of the month. 10:00am at City Hall, 547 N. Carney Drive, St. Clair MI 48079.