**NEW**Snow Removal Assistance Program

Last year, the City of St. Clair began a Snow Removal Assistance Program for our elderly & disabled residents that are not financially able to pay for a service. The snow removal is for the sidewalks only.
To participate as a volunteer please complete and return the Snow Removal Volunteer Application and Snow Removal Volunteer Waiver available on our website (Resources->Forms) or pick them up at City Hall. This is a great opportunity for athletic or church groups, students who need community service hours and those community members who simply want to do a good deed.
If you, or someone you know, is in need of assistance, please complete and return the Snow Removal Assistance Application available on our website (Resources->Forms), pick one up at City Hall or call 810-329-7121 to make the request.
Volunteers will be contacted with specific information of their responsibilities. Thank you for your community service towards the safety of St. Clair residents!