547 N. Carney Drive, St. Clair, MI 48079

7:30am – 4:30pm

Phone: 810-329-7121

General Inquiries:  info@cityofstclair.com

Administrative Assistant      Kathy Leatherberry       Ext. 206   kleatherberry@cityofstclair.com

Assessor                                 Lynne Houston               Ext. 216         lhouston@cityofstclair.com

Building Inspector                 DJ Boulier                        Ext. 217       dboulier@cityofstclair.com

Building Secretary                 Diane Cunningham        Ext. 218    dcunningham@cityofstclair.com

Cable Director/Channel 6     Paul Dingeman               329-5297     dingeman19@comcast.net

Chief of Police                         Richard Jefferson          329-5710    rjefferson@cityofstclair.com

City Clerk                                 Annette Sturdy               Ext. 211          asturdy@cityofstclair.com

City Superintendent/Finance Director       Mike Booth          Ext. 207 mbooth@cityofstclair.com

Code Enforcement                Dave Shorkey                    Ext. 219           dshorkey@cityofstclair.com

Department of Public Works                                            Ext. 205

Golf Course Director             Bob Bieth                          329-4294              pineshores12@att.net

Harbormaster                         Katie Stepp                        329-4125                scbh1@sbcglobal.net

Office Clerk                             Shirley Aspenleiter         Ext. 204  saspenleiter@cityofstclair.com

Police Sergeant                      Jodi Lipa                           329-5710              jlipa@cityofstclair.com

Police Sergeant                      Dave Wood                       329-5710                dwood@cityofstclair.com

Recreation Director              Trice Hawkins                  Ext. 215     phawkins@cityofstclair.com

Treasurer                                Russ Mollan                     Ext. 212          rmollan@cityofstclair.com

Police Department -Non-Emergency-  810-329-5710