Coming soon near you….Tree Trimming

DTE Energy work crews will soon be visiting your area to trim and, if necessary, remove trees growing too close to power lines.

Dear Customer:
DTE Energy is committed to the highest standards of service while providing safe and reliable electricity for every home and family in this region. To support that commitment, DTE Energy work crews will soon be visiting your area to trim and, if necessary, remove trees growing too close to power lines.
Trees growing near and into power lines can create public safety hazards and cause power outages. In fact, two-thirds of the time our customers spend without power is due to trees. DTE’s tree trimming program is an industry best practice designed to prevent dangerous situations and ensure electric reliability.
We understand our customers value trees. These same customers also rely on DTE to provide reliable power – in good weather and in bad. That’s why our tree care experts work to find a balance between reliable power and healthy trees. We are committed to working collaboratively with you to address any concerns before tree work begins. Here’s what you can expect will happen over the next several weeks.
•You may see our arborist planners in your yard or neighborhood inspecting the power lines and trees todetermine where trimming is needed. Arborist planners will be wearing yellow DTE Energy vests andcarrying ID badges.
•If tree work is needed on your property, the arborist planner will knock on your door. If you are not home, wewill leave a “Tree Work Scheduled” door card. If you have questions about the work intended for yourproperty, please call the number on the door card.
•If a tree poses a serious hazard to power lines or if trimming will put the tree’s health at risk, we may need toremove it. We will make every effort to work with property owners before removing any trees.
Please be assured that DTE follows industry standards for trimming and/or removal of trees near power lines. All work will be completed by tree professionals who have been trained on safe, proper and environmentally responsible work practices.
For more information regarding our tree trimming program, visit our web site at Please also review the enclosed brochure to learn more about how to plant the right tree in the right place. This program will ensure that trees and power lines co-exist safely in your yard while delivering the energy you depend on each and every day.
Shannen Palmer, Manager
Tree Trimming, DTE Energy

Map of potential work area

DTE Right Tree Right Place Flyer