Small brush removal

City service of small brush collection: Your service day is MONDAY, but your service week is based on your address. City service of   SMALL brush collection will continue as long as weather permits.  Please Click Here to view the Brush Collection Map.

*Please place small brush/twigs curbside (not in bags or containers).

Waste Management: Waste Management’s seasonal service of collecting Yard Waste always runs on or following April 1st to the last service day on or prior to November 30 of each year. Yard Waste must be in marked containers or yard waste bags and placed out on “Garbage Day’ Thursday for pick up.


Leaf collection

City service of FALL leaf pick up begins as determined by DPW and will continue as long as weather permits. Your service date is based on your address. Please click here to view the Leaf Collection Map.

*Please rake leaves to the curb and remove from designated paper yard waste bags .

Please call 810-329-5277 directly and leave a voice message including your address with any concerns. Your call will be promptly returned.