D. J. Boulier, Building Inspector

Your home improvement project may require a permit – The Building Department is here to help.

Most home improvement projects require a permit prior to beginning construction. Always check to see if a permit is required for your project.

At this time, associated permit fees can be paid by cash, check or money order. *Currently, payment by credit card is not an option for building permit fees.

All projects require a set of detailed plans so we can make sure you’re headed in the right direction – mistakes on paper are easily corrected. During your planning process, feel free to call or visit the Building Department for advice or printed materials that may help with your project.

Detailed planning documents:

Code of Ordinances

Comprehensive Master Plan

Building Permit applications are available online:

Zoning Map:

In April of 2013, the City Council adopted Ordinance No. 2012-03 which requires the registration of all residential rental units. If you are the owner of rental property within the City, you must file a Rental Registration with the St. Clair Building Department–Rental Registration form and schedule of fees. The complete Ordinance can be viewed by clicking here.