City Clerk

Annette Sturdy, City Clerk

Morgan Hustek, Deputy Clerk

The City Clerk servies as the keeper of all official records and is responsible for permanent retention of all official documents such as  Code of Ordinances and Council Minutes.

The City Clerk serves as the clerk for the City Council in preparation of its agendas, recording of its meetings and completing requirements of official actions.

The City Clerk is responsible for the administration of elections  and voter registration  in accordance with State and Federal Law.

Burials at Hillside Cemetery are coordinated by the City Clerk’s Office and the Clerk is the administrator of cemetery records.

Annual Business License Application,    Vendor Permit Application (Vendor Permit Requirements)   and    special event permit applications are issued by the Clerk’s Office. The City Clerk also acts as the Freedom of Information Act Coordinator, administers the oath of office to all city officials, coordinates    Board and Commission appointments and serves as the filing official for all petitions, lawsuits and public bids.

Notary services are available during Clerk’s office hours Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm.