Authorities, Boards and Commissions

The following City Authority, Boards and Commissions have been established by the City Council according to Section 4.07 of the City Charter. Authorities, Boards and Commissions are generally responsible as the advisor to policy making and first level of decision making for various functions essential to the operation of the City.

Beautification Commission Board of Review
Board of Cemetery Trustees Downtown Development Authority
Golf Commission Harbor Commission
Historical Commission Housing Commission
Library Board Planning Commission
Recreation Commission Zoning Board of Appeals

If you are interested in serving the community by being a member of a board or commission, please click here for an application or contact the City Clerk at 810-329-7121.

Qualifications and eligibility. All members shall be resident electors for their prescribed terms of office. Such residency requirement may be waived as provided in the Charter. Any member of the council, employee of the city or officer thereof may serve.

Appointment. The mayor, with the advice and consent of the city council, or the council acting on its own motion, may appoint members. Length of terms vary. Refer to the City Code of Ordinances Chapter 2, Article III, or individual Board, Commission or Authority by-laws.

Compensation. Members do not receive compensation, with the exception of the Board of Review, but the city council may authorize payment of reasonable and necessary expenses incurred by any such member in the performance of authorized business.