Cancelled: 5/13/22 Water Use Emergency Restriction Advisory

5/13/2022 ADVISORY HAS BEEN LIFTED. Thank you, residents, for your cooperation. As a precaution only, due to a water line break, the City issued the advisory to maintain water pressure. No drop in pressure was reported and there was no interruption in service.




Due to an emergency break of a water line, the City is unable to produce water until repairs are made. To insure we can continue to provide water service, we are asking residents to use water for essential purposes only until further notice.

At this point, there has been no problem with water pressure or water quality and water is safe for consumption. The City is carefully monitoring the situation and if anything changes residents will be notified immediately. It is NOT necessary to boil water. There is NO boil water alert at this time.

Restrictions include: use of water for lawn sprinkling, use of water for cleaning vehicles and other non-essential water use.

Thank you for your cooperation. The City is working closely with local partners and the State of Michigan to respond to the emergency.

For updates, visit  If residents experience problems with water pressure or water quality, please contact the St. Clair Water Plant at 810-329-5726.

5/12/2022 Annette Sturdy