(18-07) SEMCOG 50th anniversary

(18-06.1) HSA to MERS Division 20 (SCPD)

(18-05) Support of MDOT M-29 study

(18-04) Nominating Petitions

(18-03) Parks and Recreation Master Plan

(18-02) Waive penalties for Real property

(18-01) Annual Poverty Exemption Guidelines and Policy


(17-26) Local Government Approval of Liquor License Application.Drifters

(17-25) Local Government Approval of Liquor License Application.PlanetClairLLC

(17-24.1) Lot split St Andrews

(17-24) Envirologic Contract

(17-23) Lot split Oak Street

(17-22) Approval of Development and Reimbursement agreement

(17-21) Support adoption of Brownfield Plan

(17-20) Authorization of SCInn MDEQ Grant.Loan

(17-19) Vacation of Ruff and Orchard Street

(17-18) Budget adjustment 2016-17

(17-17) Approving Commercial Facilities Exemption Certificate Planet Clair LLC

(17-16) IFT Wright Plastic Products

(17-15) Establish a Commercial Redevelopment District

(17-14) Authorization to participate in the MEDC RRC Program

(17-13) Commercial Redevelopment District public hearing schedule for August 21

(17-12) MDNR Trust Fund Grant Palmer Park Boardwalk Project

(17-11) Accepting Grant for new Voting equipment

(17-10) Establish a Commercial Rehabilitation District

(17-09) 2017-2018 Fiscal year budget, millage levy and appropriations act

(17-08) Commercial Redevelopment District public hearing


(17-06) Lot Combine Cass and Third

(17-05) MDOT Performance Resolution

(17-04) Nuclear Waste Repository in the Great Lakes Basin

(17-03) MDOT Contract St. Clair Highway

(17-02) Lot Combine Clinton Avenue

(17-01) Lot Combine Oakland Avenue


(16-15) Medical Marijuana Facilities Licensing Act

(16-14) Vacation of Alley (Royal Street)

(16-13) St. Clair County Hazard Mitigation Plan

(16-12) Budget adjustment 2015-2016

(16-11) ECSD Millage renewal support

(16-10) US Bike Route 20 support

(16-09) SCAA.gaming.license

(16-08) Support of St. Clair County Drug Task Force Millage

(16-07) 2016-2017 Budget Approval

(16-06) Lot Split Combine Waterloo

(16-05) Lot Combine Clinton

(16-04) Lot Split Combine Brown

(16-03) BWORA as a service organization for a charitable gaming license

(16-02) Approval of application for a Michigan DNR Trust Fund Grant

(16-01) Support for the Goals and Objectives of the Economic Development Alliance of St. Clair County


15-11 Opposing the Construction of a Nuclear Waste Repository in the Great Lakes Basin